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Minecraft Server Hosting

Hello and Welcome

Thank you for taking a look at our Hosting Solutions for your gaming needs
Here you can find the information about our hosting services
You can get your own personal server that you're in control of
Upload & Download your world, Upload any plugins
Modify any files within your server via our file manager
Customer support is offered via tickets in our discord
and will be responded to ASAP
There are very little restrictions on what you can do within your server

We Can host a bunch of other games too
Contact us to see if we can host your game

We utilize a credit based system for server billing.
First off you You buy credits from our store page
2nd, you use those credits to create and sustain your servers

Credits are used on an hourly basis totaling up to the monthly cost
Upon server creation it will consume 1 hours worth of tokens
Server deletion costs no credits

This allows you to create/delete your servers if you have the credits

Breakdown of credit usage:

As mentioned before, credits are deducted on an hourly basis
though it will total the shown "cost" at the end of the months use

For example there is 730 hours in a month.
If you have our tier 1 server, that will deduct 0.04 an hour, or 1.15 credits a day
monthly cost (35) / hours in a month (730)
(0.0479) x 24 (hours in a day) = 1.1506 (total credits used per day)
Multiply 1.1506 by 30 (rough amount of days in a month) = 34.518 total credits used

*all numbers and prices are used for breakdowns and are rough estimates*

Console: General overview of your server

Console tab view of our panel

File Manager: Manage your server files with ease

File Manager Tab view on our Panel

Schedules: Create Automated Tasks

Schedules tab view for our panel; Create automated tasks

Users: Add & Manage Panel Administrators

User Tab view on our Panel; Create sub users for your panel

Backups: Create & Manage Server Backups

Backup Tab View for our Panel; Create, Download, Restore backups

Startup: Select your Jar File

Startup Tab view for our panel

Settings: Access FTP & Change server name

Settings tab view on our panel;