About us

Before We started Midnight Hosting Solutions as a company, We started off garnering some experience by hosting various game servers for our community; Midnight Gaming. After a couple years of doing the works, we had realized that what we were doing was really enjoyable, Interacting with people to help solve their issues, Providing a stable service for our community.

That Brings us to Today

Our goal moving forward is to provide our customers the with best possible experience for the least amount of Money.
We here at Midnight Hosting Solutions believe that a Personalized Multiplayer Experience shouldn't cost an arm and a leg and we understand that. Our pricing has been set with that in mind, allowing everyone from all economic backgrounds can still have a place to call their own.

So Why Choose Us?

  1. Affordable Pricing with no hidden Fees
  2. Simplified server access, and easy to understand billing panel
  3. Best In Class Support with Blazing Fast Response Times on our Discord Server